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What can do when IPhone memory became full? This is how you free up space in no time


Why iPhone memory always full? With a simple trick, you can free up space on almost any device - without any specially installed apps.

If you use iPhone for a long time, the memory disappears faster than you would like. Since iOS 10.3, the system has been a bit more economical, but the data memory is still full in no time, especially with the older 16GB models. Indeed, you cannot install new applications or take pictures. Meanwhile, iOS helps tidy up, but with a little trick, it works fast especially with older models.

Most of the memory is used for media such as music, movies, and photos by the majority of users. So if you want to save space you usually throw a movie or some pictures from iPhone. However, that's annoying, and you'd actually rather keep a lot on the device. Many don't even have one of the biggest memory consumers on their list: apps that view online content also waste precious memory with their data - without you having any of it. After all, you only look at most articles one time anyway. It is good that there is a way to erase unnecessary data.

This is how you can free up the memory

Many apps, like WhatsApp, offer a cleanup function in the settings. Others like Instagram just keep filling up the memory. A simple but impractical solution: If you delete the apps and reinstall them, there is space. You can find more simple battery tricks here.

But sometimes you just want to free up memory quickly. Then you can simply outsmart Apple's system a bit. If you want to stream a movie from iTunes but don't have enough space, the system can magically free up memory in the background. And you can take advantage of that.

To do this, you simply open a rental film in iTunes. Ideally an HD film that takes up as much space as possible - such as the 8.15 gigabyte "Titanic". Important: In order to avoid costs, the setting under "App Store" should be enabled to have to enter a password for every purchase. Now tap on "Borrow" for the film and then on "Borrow HD film". Then the password query appears - and it should simply be closed again with "Cancel". The system has long since cleared the space for the film in the background, or at least part of it.

A few hundred megabytes are easy for most users. Unfortunately, this trick doesn't work for everyone. If you hardly surf the net and have filled the entire memory with pictures, you will hardly be able to create space. But news junkies and frequent surfers more.