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اكاديمية دايموند

اكاديمية دايموند



Strengthen the immune system with a sun exposure

The immune system is of great importance in facing viruses and colds; Where you should eat organic (organic) products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat that grow and manufacture without the use of harmful chemicals or antibiotics.

One of the best ways to strengthen the immune system is sun exposure. It is considered an important factor in immunity from disease and virus killing; In addition to helping it to produce "Vitamin D", the World Health Organization recommends exposure to 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight several times a week is sufficient to maintain high levels of "Vitamin D".

Research revealed that people who bathe in cold water regularly are 30% less likely to develop diseases than others, which is due to the improvement of their immune system, and getting enough hours of sleep to avoid disease, strengthening the immune system and fighting germs in the body.